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School Murals


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ABC7 NEWS Interview Los Angeles, CA 2022

ABC7 - A feel good story highlighting the socio-emotional needs being met by unique offerings like the art program, with the focus on annual murals across the school created by my students.


"Wings" Frida Kahlo mural painted with the students. " Feet, what do I need you  for, si tengo alas para volar..."

"Together We Rise"Mural, to support the parent center at the school. Painted with the help of students and parents.

"My Favorite Book Characters"mural. The purpose of this mural was to promote literacy at the school. Painted with students.

Mural based on the core values of the school. 

Bottle cap mural for earth day.

Mural created with the students during enrichment time


Under the Sea - Mural created with the students during enrichment time


"The Love"mural. Created with students. The mural focuses on student’s well- being, tolerance, love for everyone and personal academic success. The happy colors, fun images of Keith Haring will hopefully bring out positive emotions and joy!

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